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The most cited reason we hear for having no Will... "I just haven't got round to it"

We can provide a short questionnaire for you to consider and complete, we can take your instructions electronically or verbally and we can have a draft Will for your approval usually within 48 hours, normally sooner.

And our Wills are not just 'legalese' - they come with a companion guide explaining the legal terminology in plain, clear language so you can see exactly what part of your Will does what.

Whether a basic Will or more advanced instruction including lifetime interests and Lasting Power of Attorney, we can help.

As well as Wills and Lasting Power of Attorney services we offer a number of different Trust solutions.

The Beneficiary Protection plan™

Available in single and married / civil partnership versions and an advanced version for larger value estates (usually over £500,000)

Delivers lifetime benefits and shields and protects residual estates for the intended beneficiaries when the second spouse dies. Unlike a Will Trust it can also be used to protect lifetime transfers as well as estate values on death.

Possible Benefits

  • Next generation IHT protection
  • Protection of lifetime gifts
  • Protect inheritance from being contested
  • Protect inheritance from children's divorce, separation or bankruptcy
  • Lifetime Tax saving framework

The Family Trust

Similar to the beneficiary protection plan but designed for married couples with estates in excess of £975,000 and requiring more detailed planning needs.

The Married Couple Legacy Plan™

For estates up to £500,000 (a larger estates version is available)

The trust framework delivers lifetime benefits and shields and protects the residual estate of the first partner to support the surviving spouse, whilst protecting assets from social impacts and local authority assessment (Long Term Care implications and assistance). The framework is typically family controlled.

Can also deliver tax benefits to the beneficiaries estates (up to £40,000 for every £100,000 directed via the trusts).

The Protective Gifting Trust™

The Protective Gifting Trust™, designed to protect lifetime gifts to children and to hold annual exemption gifts.

Suitable primarily for 'absolute' gifts, where the right to income and capital is given up.

Assigning a gift or loan is the start. We strongly suggest annual trustee meetings More formal protection (eg loan agreements or legal charges) available.

The Asset Preservation Trust™

  • Pension Death Benefits - designed as a spousal bypass trust, which can hold all of a client's pension (including drawdown) and death in service benefits
  • Typically family controlled
  • Receive death and pension benefits from multiple pension schemes and providers
  • If you move your pension the trust is portable

Protect your pension from future tax for your intended beneficiaries and social impact during your lifetime.

The Assurance Trust™, designed to hold all of a client's life insurance policies in one tailored trust.

Please note that Wills and trusts are not regulated by the Financial Services Authority but our legal partners guarantee all our trusts. All Wills and Trusts created are covered by liability insurance and we are a member in good standing of the Society of Will Writers and the Society of Tax and Estate Practitioners

All our trusts are guaranteed by our legal partners

It is a sad fact that many marriages end up in divorce these days. If you are concerned that one day your children's inheritance could be lost in their divorce and you wish to ensure what you have built up in your lifetime stays in your bloodline for your children and grandchildren only, you may wish to consider lifetime trusts.

Most of our trusts are purpose designed frameworks, which deliver lifetime benefits and shield and protect residual estates for intended beneficiaries. Use of the framework can protect the benefits from social impact (divorce, bankruptcy etc) and can deliver additional inheritance tax (IHT) benefits to the beneficiaries estates - up to £40,000 for every £100,000 directed via the trusts.. They usually protect an inheritance from being contested. They are normally created during lifetime and do not require the client to transfer assets into the trust during lifetime unless it forms part of the advised planning. Most trusts are flexible and allow clients to easily change the distribution of their estate.


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